Simply Swift Broadband

Can you imagine a world without the Internet? No? Neither can we. It is part of the very fabric of our lives and is the backbone of most businesses. Consequently it is one of the most important investments you will make.

Dependable broadband is a necessity for business productivity and Swift’s Next Generation Network offers all its clients a dependable and swift connection to the World Wide Web.

Slow downloads, lost emails, jittery calls and total loss of connectivity are typical symptoms of a poor broadband service. Swift broadband combats this by offering a range of business solutions ensuring you get the product that best suits your company, and allows you and your employees to work at a pace that is appropriate to your needs.

The key benefit of a faster broadband connection is the opportunity to maintain greater quality when simultaneously running tasks. Swift has an ‘always on’, high speed connectivity across a fully resilient network that is supported by a dedicated technical support team. Swift Broadband comes in a variety of flavours allowing us to accurately match the best broadband solution to your requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Enhanced business quality performance
  • Competitively priced bandwidth
  • 24/7 customer care available
  • No overseas call centre
  • Can form part of a larger solution provided by Swift which means only one bill for all your communication requirements
  • Resillient network with 99.9% uptime
  • Effective fault management

Broadband and Line Rental

£25.00 each month

Up to 8 Meg Downstream and Up to 832Kbit/s Upstream

A Massive 100 gig download allowance

Superfast Broadband

Up to 24mb Downstream

Up to 1 meg Upstream

This is exceptionally fast business grade broadband service with significantly improved downloading and upload speeds.

Annex M

Downstream up to 16 Meg

Upstream up to 2.5 Meg

Offers an enhancement on ADSL2 by increasing up stream bandwidth. Perfect for voice calls as it can support up to 30 simultaneous calls.


Up to 40 Meg Downstream with a choice of 2 or 10 Meg Upstream

Guaranteed Throughput of 8 or 12 Meg

Fibre To The Cabinet is the latest technology in hi-speed data services and makes use of fibre connections to street cabinets that act as mini exchanges